How did bike insurance policy become a savior in life of these 3 people?

How did bike insurance policy become a savior in life of these 3 people?

Many of us buy two-wheeler insurance policy because our government asks us to do so. In other words, if we do not carry a third-party two-wheeler insurance in India, we will have to pay Rs 2,000 as fine. But have you ever thought about the benefits which you are missing by not buying a two-wheeler insurance? There are various ways through which a comprehensive bike insurance policy can help you, like it helped in the case of the following people. So, take cues from the below and buy yourself a comprehensive bike insurance.

Ms. RenuJat, Indore

Assisting her brother in his digital marketing company, Renu is a Senior SEO Manager. Around two years ago, her father gifted her a scooty which she now uses to travel between her home and office. “My laali is my best friend. I don’t need to depend on anyone for my commuting,” she says. By the way, laali is her scooty!

However, last year, when she was riding towards her office, a mini truck rammed her scooty near Ravindranath Tagore Marg. Though, she escaped with minor injuries, her scooter was massively damaged. Thankfully, her scooter was properly covered under a comprehensive two-wheeler insurance and she immediately called up her insurer for help. After providing the policy number and driving license details, the insurance company got her vehicle towed to garage.

As Renu had a client meeting, she went straight to her office from the garage. In the meanwhile, the insurer appointed a surveyor who came to inspect the vehicle and once the inspection work was over, the insurer completed the rest of the claim settlement process. As the vehicle was at a network repair centre, the entire bill was settled by the insurer and Renu paid only deductible and depreciation portions.

“Really, it was a tough situation. I always ride safely but on that day, the accident happened not because of my fault, but because the other vehicle’s driver did not see a speed breaker. But thanks to God, I had a two-wheeler insurance policy, which made it easy to repair my scooter and I did not incur major financial losses.”

Our Suggestion:

Riders for Ms. RenuJat

  1. Zero Depreciation Cover: Even a comprehensive bike insurance doesn’t offer the full coverage as the insurer deducts the depreciation amount. However, this rider will ensure that in case of any claim, the insurer will give the full amount without deducting depreciation. As Renu’sscooty is new, she should go with this rider which will settle the entire claim amount at the time of accident without factoring in depreciation. However, any deductible amount has to be paid by Renu.
  2. Daily Cash Allowance: For Renu, her scooty is her chariot which fulfills all her commuting needs, however, she would have to carpool or take public transport in case her two-wheeler is at a garage. In both the cases, she would have to bear extra expenses on her commuting. In case of daily cash allowance or garage cash cover, the insurer would give her a fixed amount to deal with the daily transportation expenses.
  3. Roadside Assistance Cover: Though, this rider is recommended to every rider, it becomes more useful in case of female riders. If Renu’s vehicle runs out of fuel, meets with an accident, or breaks down in the middle of a road during wee hours, she can contact her insurer for help. From on-spot minor repairs, arrangement of fuel, flat tyre service to breakdown support over phone, there are various services which are covered under roadside assistance cover.

Surya Chaturvedi, Mumbai

Making a perfect equilibrium between his photography and bike passions, Surya is a proud owner of Royal Enfield. Staying in Mumbai from the last seven years, he is an adventurous rider who prefers to ride solo. His recent bike trip to Ladakh is a new feather in his hat. As he says, “I love solo riding and whenever I am not doing any photo shoot, I go out on long solo bike rides. For me there’s nothing like the freedom that comes with a solo bike riding.”

However, a few months ago, his bike hit a tree near Panvel. Though, he escaped unhurt, headlamp and chassis of his bike faced the brunt of the accident. Recollecting the incident, he said, “I was heading towards Panvel when a dog crossed the road. In my attempt to save him, my motorcycle got swerved left and hit the tree.”

As his bike insurance policy was active at that time, he called up his insurer to register a claim. The insurer asked him to submit documents, like policy copy/number, copy of FIR or police report, a brief account of the accident, etc.; and settled his claim within a stipulated period.

Earlier Surya was reluctant to file a police report as no injuries were caused to anyone nor there was any serious damage to public property. However, when he talked to his insurer, the latter asked him for a police report copy. Then only, Surya visited the police station in whose jurisdiction the accident took place.

Our Suggestion:

Riders for Mr. Surya Chaturvedi

  1. Roadside Assistance Cover (RSA): As Surya prefers solo bike rides, he should buy a roadside assistance cover which will come handy during situations like when his bike runs out of fuel, breaks down due to mechanical fault or meets with an accident, etc. For instance, if his bike runs out of fuel, the insurer will provide fuel up to five litres at the breakdown location. Similarly, in the event of minor mechanical/technical error, the insurance company will offer telephonic assistance. These services become useful when there is no one around to help.
  2. Return to invoice: By opting for this rider, Surya can get the complete reimbursement of the actual value of its motorcycle as bought from a dealer. It will be applicable only if his bike will become a total loss due to theft or damages caused by natural perils.
  3. Engine Protector Cover: The cost of repairing an engine can run in lakhs and if it is a luxury bike like Surya’s Royal Enfield, the engine repairing cost can become unbearable. To combat engine-related expenses, Surya should go with this rider as it also covers those engine-related repairs which are not related to accidents.

Fateh Singh, Gurgaon 

It was last year on his birthday that Fateh gifted himself his favorite motorcycle. “It’s my first big purchase and whenever I look at it, it feels me with a sense of pride.” As he and his sister both work in Gurgaon, they often travel together.

A few months back, he was riding towards his friend’s house in Delhi when his motorcycle skidded off the road, bumped against the side rails and hit the other parked scooter before coming to a halt. Though luckily, Fateh left unscathed, his bike and the other scooter were badly damaged in the accident.

As Fateh already had a comprehensive two-wheeler insurance, his insurer came forward to help him. The insurer asked him to submit documents like duly filled claim form, RC copy, FIR copy, etc.; and settled the claim accordingly. As he took his bike to a network garage, he did not pay anything, except voluntary deductible of Rs 1000 and the remaining amount was paid by the insurer directly to the garage. The insurer not only covered damages caused to his vehicle but also covered loss/damage caused to the other scooter, which came around Rs 7,000.

Our Suggestion:

Riders for Mr. Fateh:

  1. Personal Accident Cover for pillion-rider: As Fateh travels with his sister, he should go with a personal accident cover for her as well. It will offer her coverage while traveling, mounting, or dismounting from the vehicle.
  2. Roadside Assistance Cover: As stated above, RSA offers services like flat tire change, battery jump start, fuel refilling, etc.; which can be of great help in case of vehicle breakdown or accident.


Two-wheeler Insurance is essential if you are riding on Indian roads which are infamously popular for their alarming road accident rate. Moreover, a comprehensive bike insurance gives you an assurance that if anything happens, the insurer is there to help you.

However, make sure to buy a comprehensive bike insurance that covers both you and your vehicle, unlike third-party bike insurance policy that only covers third-party vehicle and not your vehicle.

Moreover, a two-wheeler insurance will help you only if it is valid, so make sure to renew your policy on time to ensure it stays active. You can go with a long-term bike insurance policy to keep yourself away from the hassles of annual policy renewal. Such type of policies offers coverage for 2 or 3 years in one go.

To sum up, take care of your two-wheeler so that it can take care of your commuting. And, a two-wheeler insurance is a right way to show that you care for your vehicle.


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