Old is Gold: The Oldest running Automobiles in the World


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The adage old is gold never goes out of fashion. Nostalgia is something that every one of us feel when we find ourselves in a situation that reminds us of the past. It makes us reminiscence about the past glories and the memorable moments accompanying them. When it comes to cars, the feeling is no different.

Vintage cars are all the rage and are a dream of every car collector. It is the rich history of vintage cars that make them precious and attract great value. It is no surprise to see some of them fetch exorbitant price tags at auctions. Let us take a look at some of the oldest running automobiles in the world.

  • 1886 Benz Patent-Motorwagen: It was built in 1885 but was patented in 1886. Having a 954 cubic centimetre single-cylinder engine, the car had fuel supply through evaporation early on but later switched to the carburettor. It is widely considered as the first gasoline powered car.
  • 1904 Rolls Royce: This car has earned the reputation of being the highest paid Rolls Royce. The two-seater car with 10 horsepower achieved this feat by fetching 7.275$ million at an auction.
  • 1894 Balzer: This car is powered by a lightweight three-cylinder engine. It was built by a New York based inventor called Stephen Balzer. Built in 1894, the car has been displayed at the Smithsonian Institute several times.
  • La Marquise: It is one of the oldest running cars in the world. It can cover around 20 miles at a maximum speed of 38 mph and can run on wood, coal and paper. However, it takes 45 minutes to steam up. La Marquise is credited for winning the first automobile race in 1887. It was built by the French duo, De Dion, Bouton and Trépardoux in 1884.
  • Hammelvognen: Built in Denmark, it was a car ahead of its time by being one of the first automobiles to offer brakes and a reverse gear. The car had a top speed of around six miles per hour and was built in 1886. Hammelvognen has a two-cylinder engine with three horsepower.
  • The 1893 Benz Victoria: Theodor von Liebieg took this car for the first ever long distance road trip making its way into the history books of automobiles. The Benz Victoria had a top speed of around twelve miles per hour.
  • Wolseley 6: Being Great Britain’s oldest car, Wolseley 6 was built in 1906 and had two seats. The car has a top speed of 29 mph.
  • Duryea Car: Powered by a single cylinder 4-stroke water cooled engine, the Duryea car was built in 1893 by brothers Charles Duryea and Frank Duryea. They drove this car for the first time in September 1893 in Massachusetts.

So these were some of the oldest running automobiles in the world along with some interesting information about them. These cars have paved the way for mainstream cars that have become popular today. When it comes to cars, old or new, security and safety is crucial. To safeguard your car, motor insurance plays a crucial role. Car insurance is the second line of defence that every car owner needs. If your vehicle insurance policy is due for renewal, make sure to renew it online without any delay.