What to check before buying a used car

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The pre-owned car market is growing by leaps and bounds. There are many unknownreasons involved in a pre-owned vehicle. One of them is saving money. Buying a used car is more complicated than it sounds. If you make a wrong decision, you will end up regretting it for a very long time. Follow these steps before you buy a used car.

  1. Learn about the fair price: Once you have decided on a car you want to buy, learn about its specifics and a reasonableprice for it. Some websites allow you to get an accurate estimate by providing specifics like the mileage, model and condition of the vehicle. Enter the details and find out the price of the car. This will allow you to make a well-informed decision regarding the amount you will pay for the used car.
  2. Read reviews of the car: Is the used car available to buy on a website? If so, reading the owner’sreview before buying will give a better sense of the strengths and weaknesses of the car. Read about the features and specifics of the vehicle so that you know what you are buying.
  3. Run a vehicle history report: Ask for the identification number of the vehicle and run a history report. You can get information about accident or theft if any.
  4. Inspect the condition of the car in person: Be wary of the signs of wear and tear as it will help you figure out the condition of the car. If the vehicle is not in good condition, you will end up spending a considerable sum on its maintenance. This is the most critical step of buying a used car; you need to check every aspect of the car in person.
  5. Go for a test drive: Take the car on small roads you are familiar with. You will be able to see how it performs at slow and higher speeds. Listen for rattles and squeaks from the car engine. Taking the car for a more extended test drive means you will be able to make sure it is comfortable to sit in for more extended periods. Compare the car with your current ride or the alternative option chosen by you. A test drive is a must before deciding to buy any car.
  6. Ask questions to the owner: If you are buying the car from the owner, ask questions regarding the reason behind him selling the car. If you are buying it from a mechanic, you can ask him why the owner sold it in the first place. Try to gather every minute detail about the vehicle you have your eyes on.
  7. Check the insurance policy: It is mandatory in India to own motor vehicle insurance. Before buying the car, you need to check whether insurance covers the car. Since it is a used car, it is essential to check if the insurance policy has been renewed on time. If not, you will have to renew the policy or purchase an entirely new policy that meets your requirements.
  8. Perform a pre-purchase inspection: Ask a mechanic to perform an investigationas it will save you thousands on repairs down the line. If you do not want to hire a mechanic, you can ask an auto enthusiast friend of yours who will carry out an inspection and help you decide to buy.
  9. See if the car is under warranty: If the vehicle is under warranty, it will cost more,but it will help you in the future. A warranty can cover used cars that are only a couple years old or have low mileage. If so, you can transfer the coverage to your name. Choose cars that are still under warranty as it will help you save up thousands of rupees in case of repairs and maintenance.

Buying a used car is a tedious process; you need to check various factors before you spend your hard-earnedmoneyon it. Choose a vehicle which has validcarinsurance tocheck if any claim happened in the past. A car which has adequateinsurance will cost a little more, but it will be worth it. Renewing the insurance cover on time is equally important.