Keep Your Campus Safe with the Best Weather Safety Tools

You do not have to worry about inclement weather affecting your students and teachers. There are plenty of options that can meet the needs of your school and budget. Earth Networks offers the widest variety of products and technology that provide campus safety against harsh weather.

Weather Stations Offer Protection for Schools

An outdoor weather station for school will be able to take complicated data and present it in a way that is easy to translate. These weather stations require little maintenance, and can stand up to any type of weather including high winds, heavy rain and blowing snow.

The best weather station analyzes 25 key atmospheric conditions such as wind speed, direction, and humidity. A weather station that is on top of a school includes the best components. With these components, the hyperlocal data is perfect for your safety and long-term planning.

Emergency Software Allows you to Stay Ahead of Inclement Weather

Emergency alert software can be customized, whether you would like it to connect to your smart device or your outdoor weather station. Sferic Mobile gives you access to important weather data quicker. The Sferic Mobile App allows you to monitor critical weather events through a custom alerts engine.

This software is perfect to combat inclement weather. A lightning detector helps you detect in-cloud lightning flashes, which are often the best way to tell if you are going to deal with inclement weather. The in-cloud lightning flashes can often be a precursor to conditions such as heavy rain, hail and tornadoes.

The safety of your students and teachers should always be the top priority for your school, regardless of if you battle high humidity, dangerous winds or blistering cold. Earth Networks offers the products and technology that can give everyone peace of mind in any event.