Prep For College – Things to Learn Beforehand

Heading off to college will not only mean more advanced studies and parties galore; college also signifies the beginning of a new chapter in your life and one step closer to adulthood. College could literally change your entire life. Thus, it is essential that you do your best or prepare well for this important adventure. Here are a few must-know skills you should learn before leaving home:


Dining hall food and ramen can get old fast – learn to cook at least a few basic meals. Learning to cook can also save you time and money, and can open doors to healthier options. Your dorm may limit the kinds of cooking appliances you’re allowed to have, but you can accomplish some basic hot meals with just a microwave or hot pot. If you get creative with ingredients, you can make some really tasty, quick foods without even heating things up.

Taking Notes

You may have been able to coast by in high school, but college may require better note-taking and study skills. College tends to be more loaded than high school when it comes to the information you’ll intake. You must therefore make sure that your note-taking skills are at their sharpest. Take the time to learn now so you don’t find yourself trying to learn after failing your first exams.

Find a Side Hustle

As a college student, you’ll find that the money you have is never enough. It’s important to find something you can do on the side without interfering too heavily into your school work. With the shift towards online and mobile gaming, it’s now easier than ever to use your prowess in things like online poker and daily sports games to earn a few extra dollars towards your weekends. Brush up on your tactics before you go away, and you’ll be surprised how easy it can be to turn a few hours a week into a profitable side income.


It is no secret that you’ll be meeting all sorts of people throughout your college life, and socializing with them can greatly affect your college experience.  They’ll have different ways of interacting, different opinions, and different interests. It is worth exploring different hobbies or interests to find out which ones you’re inclined to. Once you have found your interest, you can find people with the same hobbies and interests at school through different clubs and organizations. This is a great way to make new friends and meet new people during your freshman years! Find a new fantasy football league with some new friends, find people with similar tastes in music, whatever it takes to make some friends!

Writing an E-mail

Be sure to make a good impression with your teachers and professors! Include a proper greeting in your emails, identify yourself, and be sure to use proper grammar and spelling! Good e-mailing skills will also come in handy for bosses when you’re applying for jobs and internships. Once you get the basic e-mailing skills down, you may event want to try designing your mail. Doing so may add an extra oomph to your letters and further improve your impression.


When spring break pops up, you don’t want that to be the first time you’ve ever gone away anywhere. You should at least have a marginal idea of how to travel by the time you go away to college, even if it’s only been a few weekend trips with the family. While in school, use the friends you make as an excuse to skip town every now and then and experience things that create lasting memories, especially if you find yourself away at school in a place you’ll likely seldom go back to after you graduate. Make the most of your time while you can!