Find A Side Gig That Helps People

Side gigs are all the rage these days, and they often come about due to necessity. We hear a lot in particular about millennials securing side gigs given that the generation came of working age during a particularly difficult time to find steady careers. But not every side gig exists purely as a moneymaking mechanism. In some cases it’s just a way to spend some extra time, and in the best of circumstances it’s a means of giving back – to friends, the community, the environment, or whatever else.

Finding a side gig is a personal process. Your options will depend on how much spare time you have, what your financial situation looks like, and most importantly, what you like to do or feel you’re best at. But to get the conversation started with more general ideas, we thought up five interesting ways to find side gigs that can help people.

Become A Handyman

Becoming a handyman takes time, which is why we often think of such people as those who have spent their lives fixing household problems and things of the like. But that doesn’t mean you can’t learn a trade that falls under this category and spend your extra time doing work that will help people’s homes and communities to stay in good repair. It could be something as simple as offering to paint home exteriors or help with yard work, or it could be something a little more involved, such as pipe repair or full-on home construction. There are endless options in this area, but all of them can be pretty rewarding.

Plant Trees

Yes, you read that right – planting trees can be a side gig these days, and it’s actually becoming pretty trendy. In some cases, if you’re looking to profit, you can actually simulate the idea that money grows on trees by using perennials from your home garden to generate potted plants that you can sell to others for a profit. But you can also sign on with environmental groups to literally go out and plant trees, sometimes as a pure volunteer activity and sometimes for a small fee. It’s a nice way to keep our world lush and alive, and it has a genuine positive impact on the environment.

Learn How To Be A Counselor

This isn’t something you can do over night, as it requires legitimate education and certification. But once you become a counselor, it’s well suited to side gigs. You can open a private practice in which you simply take on few customers at a time, or you can look into a more specialized opportunity such as running AA meetings, or taking on marriage counseling. These are serious pursuits and require that you be responsible about your own qualifications, but they’re jobs that you can sometimes do in addition to more full-time pursuits, and they certainly help people.

Take Up Web Design

This is a pretty popular pick for a side gig already, and it’s a great way to make money and help people at the same time. Web design isn’t easy if you’re starting from scratch. But there are platforms that make it easier for an amateur to put a legitimate website together, and there are also more ways than ever to learn coding from home. Once you have the skills, you can begin to market yourself as a freelance web developer, and help others without said skills to put together the sites they’ve always wanted.

5. Help A Friend’s Company

If you happen to have a friend starting a company, offer to come on board for a small fee and do whatever you can to help. You might even help your friend to cut costs in the process. If he or she had thought about paying significant money to have a website built, you could refer to tip #4 and do it yourself. If the company involves an invention and your friend was looking into a manufacturing equipment crafter, but you’re handy enough to design something similar, you might be able to do the job at a more competitive rate. Or if your friend simply has no idea how to run a social media advertising campaign you can make yourself a communications specialist for the budding venture. You get the idea: find a way you can help and sign on early.

The list of possible side gigs in modern society is virtually endless. But with these ideas you can sometimes find a way to use a personal skill, make some extra money, and help people out while you’re at it.