Equally exciting and exhausting, tradeshows remain a popular forum used by marketers across every industry to get their products and services in front of large audiences. With so much riding on these events, marketers have to bring their A game, and that often starts with a great tradeshow display.

Although the goal might be to generate qualified leads on the spot, a great exhibit booth and a few unique touches can keep your brand on the radar of attendees long after the event. But of course the biggest advantage of an effective display is its ability to bring the crowd to you.

You probably won’t know exactly how your competitors will market their brand, so instead of worrying about one-upping the competition, focus on delivering a strong all around experience for guests. The rest will take care of itself.

If you get the opportunity, chat with the attendees to find out what attracted them to one tradeshow booth instead of another. You might be surprised at the honesty and insightfulness you get from simply asking, though it can be even more helpful to hear from those who didn’t stop by your booth. That’s insight you can use for the next trade show.

When the trade show starts, pay attention to which booths attract the biggest crowds. Is it the products themselves or is there something about the booth that captures people’s attention? Distinctive branding always helps, but even relatively new or unknown brands can win the hearts and minds of attendees with a captivating display and a few innovative ideas.

With that in mind, here are a few ideas to help with your next trade show booth:

  • Don’t wait until after the event to spread the word online or through social media; give attendees a reason to be excited about visiting your exhibit, then build on that foundation when the event kicks into gear.
  • Incorporate digital technology to make it easy and enticing for visitors to spread the word about their visit online. All the better if you can personalize the experience for them (for example, a virtual makeover or another fun takeaway that ties into your brand)
  • Involve prospects and customers who are unable to attend the trade show by making use of a webcasting service that streams video from the trade show to your website. Format it like a live show featuring interviews with your staff that discuss industry challenges and news, and of course showcase your products.
  • Create an inviting display booth that encourages customers to explore and get up close and personal with you and your products. For extra points, use something that transmits an enticing fragrance to draw visitors to your booth. Place these items at the back of your display area so that visitors walk through your product displays, see them and meet your staff.
  • One of the most effective methods of making your tradeshow booth memorable for visitors is also the simplest: treat them well. Even free coffee and snacks can keep them around longer and build a friendly rapport. Of course it doesn’t hurt if that giveaway is something with your branding on it.
  • Conduct live product demonstrations that incorporate visitors in a fun, interactive way. Apart from involving customers in the experience, you can raise awareness of the advantages offered by your products.

If you want to upgrade the appeal of your trade booth, look to an industry expert like PNH Solutions. PNH can deliver everything from stock products with your branding to fully custom exhibits that take your tradeshow marketing efforts to the next level.

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