Quick Lunch-Box Recipes for Diabetic Office-Goers

Lunch Box

Following a hectic work schedule with diabetes can be a challenge on a daily basis, especially with respect to the diabetic diet changes one must observe. However, sticking to your diabetes friendly diet and making your lunch time something to look forward to is easier than you think.

Diabetics can carry to work home-made foods to control diabetes in order to ensure their daily calorie intake is adhered to and healthy food for diabetes can be followed. This way, not only do you avoid toxin overload but also ensure your blood glucose levels remain balanced.

Food for diabetic patient doesn’t have to be boring. The following diabetic food list or healthy options as part of your diet for diabetes can make your lunch the most refreshing meal of the day with the and in balance with your diabetes diet chart.

  1. Tomato Methi Brown Rice

Tomato is highly beneficial in balancing blood sugar levels along with promoting healthy heart and cholesterol levels, especially in type 2 diabetics. Methi has been proven to help diabetics as it helps reduce insulin resistance. Both tomato and brown rice serves as an important ingredient in the diet to control diabetes.

  1. Pasta

Whole grain pasta, noodles topped with healthy tomato sauce can serve as a healthy twist to your diabetic lunch. You can add chicken, shrimp, or turkey meatballs, and a variety of vegetables.

  1. Tuna, chicken and shrimp salad

As part of healthy foods for diabetic patients, these protein based mixes can be made healthier by controlling the mayonnaise. Alternatively, low fat mayo is a good choice. Chopped celery, diced bell pepper, and chopped onions served with a whole-grain bread serves as a complete lunch meal.

  1. Oats and green peas dosa

This fibre-rich recipe loaded with beta-glucan can significantly reduce cholesterol and blood sugar levels. Add to it the proteins from green peas which are also low in glycemic index and you get a complete diabetic friendly lunch which you can enjoy guilt-free.

  1. Veggie stir fry

You can also opt for a more exotic lunch by having brown rice with stir-fried vegetables. When prepared at home by sautéing veggies with a healthy cooking spray and soy sauce, the meal can turn out to be both delicious as well as high in nutritive values.



General Precautions to be observed

Diet plan for diabetes must include the following carefully selected tips when selecting the foods that control diabetes:

  • Low fat or fat free salad dressings can be a good way to cut the extra calories and enjoy a healthy-hearty meal.
  • Always opt for whole-grain options like in case of white bread.
  • Ensure you watch the portions you consume as that can be the deciding factor for your blood glucose balances.
  • Avoid friend foods and always follow the diabetes food pyramid –
    • More grains, beans, and starchy vegetables.
    • Less fats, sweets, and alcohol.
    • Equally spread proteins, non-starchy vegetables, fruits, milk and dairy products in between meals.
  • After meal dessert cravings can be replaced with fruits. If fruit does not seem to be a good option, opt for sugar-free and fat-free frozen yogurt.

You can explore various options from healthy foods for diabetic patients.

A healthy diabetes diet plan can best be followed when it is planned by a diabetes educator or nutritionist and adhered to everyday. A good way to check whether the same is working or not is to ensure you check your blood glucose levels continuously using a handy glucometer and share the readings with your healthcare professional.