Air Pollution – The Causes and Effects of Air Pollution

Nature has always maintained a favorable balance of all the substances present on the earth’s surface which has pampered life. It has its own natural processes of purification of air, water and other natural substances but in the past century with humans moving towards industrialization and urbanization the natural imbalance, especially in the air has been highlighted. The presence of innumerable vehicles on the road and industries with their tall rising chimneys have been considered the main culprits of the problem of air pollution.

Presence of pollutants like chemicals, smoke, dust and other biological materials has resulted the in intensification of the problem. It has not only harmed humans by increasing lung and bronchial infections and diseases but has also threatened other forms of life on the planet. Nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide and sulfur oxides are the names of only some of the gases which have dangerously increased in proportion and deteriorated the air quality. To understand the problem in depth, the causes and effects of the problem have to be explored in detail.

The Causes

Natural: There are multiple natural causes of air pollution like forest fires which add smoke and carbon oxides in the environment, but nature has its own way to manage and decrease such impurities in the air. These causes hold a small spot when compared to other reasons.

Fossil Fuels: Burning of fossil fuels like petrol, diesel and coal releases a huge amount of carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, smoke and nitrogen oxides which becomes the major reason for global warming and the greenhouse effect. Fossil fuels are burned in furnaces in the industries, for power generation and also in the vehicles. To tackle this problem many companies are going for renewable sources of energy and developing hybrid cars.

The Industries: Many industries use chemicals in their processing of the raw materials and the harmful chemical waste is usually dumped in water or escapes through chimneys of the factories. The burning of fossil fuel in the furnaces is considered to be one of the major sources of smoke in the air. Some of the chemicals and pollutants are also known to be the ultimate cause of cancer.

Activities like deforestation have negatively affected the purifying ability of nature which has kept the pollution unchecked.

The Effects

It seems like Karma has punished the human race who damaged the environment and still carry on doing so. The greed and selfishness of the humans although put us on the path of industrialization and innovation but forced us to put our backs towards the raising danger due to the human activities. This has resulted in many lung diseases ranging from asthma to lung cancer.

These pollutants have entered even our home and offices and sometimes these spaces are even more polluted than the outside air. For such cases installing air purification systems inside the buildings becomes the utmost priority. These machines filter the pollutants and bacteria to make the air inside the offices and home cleaner and safer.