Go Green At Home

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We all know the reasons to become more environmentally friendly: it’s better for the planet, it saves money, it improves your community. What we may not know is how to do it. Here are a few easy steps you can take in your own home.

Use Less

This green habit saves you some green too. Adjust your thermostat to use less energy heating and cooling your home, install compact fluorescent or LED lightbulbs and wash laundry in cold water. Save money at the pump by replacing your car with a hybrid or fully electric model when the time comes; meanwhile, make fewer trips by combining errands or carpooling. Even better, opt for public transit or do your health a favor and ride your bike on short distances. Most importantly, buy less—two throw pillows for the couch, not six. Rather than rushing for the latest smartphone, make your current phone last another six months or a year. When you do buy, search for gently-used alternatives to new.

Recycle E-waste

Electronics make up an ever-growing proportion of our landfills; e-waste is becoming a huge problem worldwide. Quit sending your obsolete electronics to the dump. Instead, find a company in your area that will recycle them. A quick search like electronic recycling Toronto should turn up recyclers that offer pick-up services for businesses and convenient drop-off locations for residents and consumers. Throwing away electronics is like throwing away money—depending on what you are discarding you may even be able to get cash for your trash.

Recycle All Waste Possible

You probably already use the recycling container next to the trash bin at the local park or shopping mall; it’s simple and requires no extra effort. Take a cue from them and put a recycling bin next to the garbage can under your sink, making recycling at home convenient, quick and easy. More and more municipalities offer single-stream recycling along with curbside trash pickup, making the whole process even easier.