How to Take Clenbuterol Tablets

There are many people who want to know about the usage of clenbuterol today. This drug is becoming popular day by day. Initially it was mainly used as a bronchodilator in asthma patients. In countries like Latin America and Europe even today it is prescribed for asthma. Even though it is not banned in US it is usually not prescribed for any medical purpose other than for research.

How to use?

Along with getting the benefits of weight loss one must also think about the possible side effects of clen. It is available both in tablet and liquid form. When it comes to tablet form it is available in 40 mcg and 20 mcg tablets. These can be used by dispensing in a spray or can be added to other liquids. Since tablets are easier to dose majority of the users prefer tablets of clen. Here is the Beginner’s Guide to Using Clen. It is always good to grab a complete knowhow before getting started.

Clen tabltes- 40 mcg and 20 mcg:

Before using this very powerful weight loss drug, there are few things which an individual should keep in mind.

  • It is better to start with lowest possible dosage
  • 20 mcg is the starting dose recommended for women and for men it is 40 mcg.
  • This dose must be followed for at least a week. In some cases better to continue the same dose for 2 weeks
  • After few days individual may not feel the effect. At this point dosage can be increased. They must increase it to next small dose that is 40 mcg for women and 60 mcg for men.
  • Another 2 weeks the same dose must be continued. End of the cycle one can go until 120 mcg and not more than that.
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Liquid Clen:

Cycling is the best way to use clen. Clen should not be used constantly. After using for 4 weeks or 6 weeks there must a gap of 2 weeks. Since stimulants come with a big issue of tolerance at least 2 weeks gap must be there to avoid development of tolerance.

When used in cutting cycle by bodybuilders they do the same. After using for 6 weeks they will go off for  at least 2 weeks. Even when used by other individuals than bodybuilders this formula must be followed and clen should not be used for long term.

If used for long term along with ineffectiveness there will be side effects as well. If clen is used by athletes who are looking out for competitions then they must follow some measures. Even though it is not illegal to use clen, they must be cautious because it is considered as a performance enhancer. If used before competitions there are chance that athletes may eother get disqualified or suspended.

When it comes to burning fat or looking to slim then clen is choice for majority of the bodybuilders, celebs, and athletes. But, even with all the advantages clen cannot be considered as a substitute for healthy lifestyle.