Stacking of Winstrol with other steroids

Winstrol is the brand name of one of the powerful anabolic steroid, Stanozolol. It is derived from dyhrotestosterone. It has only mild androgenic effects unlike the other steroids available in the market. It benefits the users by enhancing the growth of the lean muscle mass and quality muscle growth. The consumers opt to using Winstrol and test practice for getting best results and avoiding some of the naturally occurring side effects. Supplementing with testosterone pills only makes sense since the usage of Winstrol will suppress the production of testosterone in the body.

The stacking of stanozolol and the testosterone is best used in the cutting cycle right before the start of the contest. The distinguishing factors of the Winstrol makes it more popular and widely used steroid among the bodybuilders and the athletes.

The water retention property of the Winstrol makes it more desirable. It removes water from the muscles and making the muscle hard and dense. The anti oestrogenic property of the Winstrol ensures that the water does not retain. One of the main reasons for men to prefer Winstrol is that provides similar effects as that of testosterone.

It available in both the tablet and injection form, both are equally effective. Mostly used in the cutting phase rather in bulking phase. When used as a cutting agent it is often stacked with

· Testosterone

· Trenbolone

· Halotestin

· Deca Durabolin

· Primbolan

· Equipoise

· Testicular atrophy


Since they are also non aromatising agents, they work best along with Winstrol to produce phenomenal results. Some also use this steroid as a bulking agent stacking along with

· Anadrol

· Danabl

· Testosterone

Etc. By stacking with these steroids the oestrogenic activity is reduced simultaneously giving good anabolic effects. This results in the increase of muscle mass with low water and fat retention. It can be used by both men and women. There are no specific time limits for Winstrol cycle.

The average time frame for the use of Winstrol cycle is 6 weeks and it will not harm the liver in any way. The minimum time frame for Winstrol cycle is 4 weeks. You should have to use Winstrol cycle for at least 4 weeks to see any noticeable effect.

Dosage limits

The Dosage is determined individually for each person. It is advised that men should use daily dosage below 35-75 mg when taken in the form of tablet and when injected they should stay below 25-50 mg on a daily basis. The daily dosage of women is much lower when compared to men. The daily dosage is 5-10 mg for women. Women are not recommended to use injection form of Winstrol. With testosterone they can stack at a rate of 350 to 500mg. To avoid any possible side effects you can also test for a few weeks.


It is legal in some countries and can only be bought with prescription in some countries. Use necessary caution before using the drug and consulting your doctor is a must.