Home Safe Home: Keeping your House Safe while away on Vacation

The idea of vacationing is often followed by the fear of having to leave your house unattended while you are away. It is said that bad luck has perfect timing and this is humorously validated by Murphy’s law: ‘Anything that can go wrong, will’

To realize on your return that something extremely bad has happened to your house while you were getting a tan or enjoying a safari, would be devastating. This doesn’t mean you’ve got to lose sleep over it. Every problem has a solution and so does this one.

Check out these quick tips to help you keep your home safe when you are away on a vacation:

  • Phone a friend

A friend in need is a friend indeed. You could request a friend or neighbor to keep a watchful eye on your house while you are away. You can have them collect the fliers/pamphlets left at your doorstep, water the plants in your garden or take care of anything in your house that requires manual intervention.

  • Insure your home

Opt for a home insurance policy to protect your house and your valuable possessions from unforeseen circumstances.


  • Lock it up

Carefully lock all the doors and windows of your house before you set off on your holiday.

  • Time to Unplug

It is best to unplug all electronic gadgets and home appliances in order to avoid any damage caused due to power outage.

  • Temporarily unsubscribe your daily newspapers

A pile of newspapers lying at your doorstep can give away the fact that there’s no one home. To avoid this, it is best to stop the newspaper service for a few days or have someone pick up the papers for you.

  • Intruder Alert

Have a burglar alarm system installed that triggers a loud alarm and can notify you on your phone. This precautionary measure will help you take the necessary actions in case of a break in.

  • No one needs to know that you’ll be gone

Don’t get carried away in the excitement. You don’t need to make a public announcement of your vacation plans on social media. This can become an unintentional invitation to trouble.

  • Lighten up

Keeping the lights on is going to look fishy to outsiders and so will keeping them off all the time. So, the best option is to buy a light switch timer and program it to turn your house’s lights on and off automatically.

Everyone wishes to travel to exotic holiday destinations but often hold themselves back for the fact that there will be no-one to look after their house. Fret not, take the above mentioned precautionary measures to protect your house and enjoy your vacation stress-free.