Preparing For One Competitive – BITSAT!

BITS Pilani is one of the top engineering colleges in the country and many students want to crack BITSAT. A number of students prepare for only one competitive exam, BITSAT and this is a bold at the same time a very risky step for their future. Because you’re just looking to crack BITSAT, you are targeting only 2000 seats. For these 200 seats almost 5 lakhs students are going to appear for the test. A suggestion to all these students is to prepare for JEE also. There are a number of excellent JEE Main colleges. There are a number of government top colleges under JEE too.

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BITSAT questions are relatively easier than JEE Main. Students think BITSAT will be easy for them to crack but competition is tough to get admission in BITS Pilani. To get admission in a good branch of BITS Pilani, you have to score 350+ and that is not a easy job.

BITSAT is an exam where time management and presence of mind is given more importance than a deep knowledge of the subject. You can clear the exam even if you just have a basic level of understanding of the underlying concepts. That’s why some people say if you are serious for JEE you can easily crack BITSAT. For BITSAT you have to practice more to gain speed with accuracy.

Still if you just want to prepare to crack BITSAT, here are a few tips:

  1. Read NCERT books. Seems pretty obvious and simple, but a majority of students ignore them.
  2. As mentioned above, the time constraint is a major factor. So practice model test papers in the suggested time duration. To save time, learn to solve questions just by eliminating options. This skill is useful in every exam.
  3. Divide a notebook into 3 parts and chapterwise jot down the formulae . Read it in your free time/before going to bed once. A good trick that will help you learn all the formulae.
  4. The English and Logical Reasoning sections are unique to BITSAT and you should get familiar with the pattern of the questions. Again, only basics and no special preparation required. But a little practice never killed anyone.