Buy Power Strips With Surge Protection

If you presently use power adapters or power plugs with 2 or 3 outlets, then you must think of replacing them with power strips, probably the ones with built in flow protection options. Some of these adapters do have a fuse, but this is the only defence you will have from a short circuit, electricity supplier power surge or a lightning strike. A majority of people overload these adapters by either plugging in too many high power rated devices such as heaters, or even by plugging in additional adapters. They are conveniently pulled out of the wall socket if anyone falls over a cable or cables are too tight. For your own security, it is time to rethink about replacing them with comparatively cheaper power strips, particularly one with flow defence features.

Power strips deliver a block of electrical sockets stricken to a cable with a mains plug and you can decide the length of mains cable, basically between 1 and 5 metres. Many of these power strips have a built-in circuit breaker to protect against excess current, and of course the mains plug will be fused. Within Europe any plug or socket that does not have the addition of surge protection will not be CE marked, so look for this mark when making a purchase.

Surge protection devices are at times mentioned to as surge suppression devices and our intended to defend against sudden ups in voltage known as voltage spikes, which can happen on your mains electricity supply. Any extra voltage detected is handled with normally shorting the unnecessary voltage to ground. Some surge protection devices will also deliver additional protection for some data communications devices as well as general appliances. There are 3 prime features to look for when deciding for a good surge suppression device, and they are the Joules Rating, Clamping Voltage and Response Times.

Wonpro (Wonderful Product) was established by Mr. Wonpro Lee in Taiwan in 1989. Mr. Wonpro Lee is the inventor and manufacturer of all “Wonpro Universal Power Adapters”, including “Universal Power Strips”, “Universal Plug Adapters”, and “Universal Receptacles”, etc. Wonpro’s patented universal outlet can accept any country specific electrical plug, i.e., from Type A plug ~ Type M plug. It is a Universal-to-One, or many-to-one plug adaptation design.
Mr. Wonpro Lee owns 15 Patents in the US, and many more patents in all major industrial countries all over the world. They are here to introduce and demonstrate how Wonpro’s very unique and very creative design can be used to solve the problem of Cross-Country Power Connectivity — and thus create a homogeneous world to help people Get Connected and Get Power; i.e., to enable any country specific electrical equipment to be able to Get Connected and Get Power from any other country’s electrical outlet all over the world no matter how mismatch they are. With the backing of Wonpro manufacture facilities in Taiwan and in China, they run a very efficient SALES operation in the US. For more information, have a look at their website