Cool Types of Homes

Remember that childhood game, M.A.S.H.? If you never heard of it, it was a “fortune telling” game that middle-school kids in particular liked to play. The title letters of the game stood for what kind of housing the future you would have: mansion, apartment, shack, or house. While these are probably the most common types of housing (okay, maybe we try to avoid shacks), there are other cool living ideas out there that are worth taking a look at.

Tiny houses

Tiny houses are a bit of trend these days as people try to downsize their lives. These structures are often less than 300 square feet! The philosophy behind tiny houses is that we should aim for a simple life–all a person really needs at home is the basics, and the most important focus of life should be on spending more time with the people in our family and community, as well as with nature. Tiny homes cost less to make, so the people who live in them often don’t have potentially restrictive mortgages and loans.

Go mobile

If you don’t like the idea of settling down anywhere, you could always be a nomad. This is a great option for retirees or people with remotely-based work. An R.V. can let you live all over the country and allows you to explore all the parts of the country you have always wanted to see. There are RV hookups everywhere from national parks to this Oregon casino. It simply depends on your whim and how much time to want to spend driving. Of course, R.V.s are expensive and require lots of gas, so they’re not a good way to live if you’re on a modest budget. But if you have the means and the wanderlust, they’re a great housing alternative.

Professional house-sitting

Professional house-sitting is a real career and a clever way to live in all sorts of places and all kinds of homes. Professional house-sitters take care of homes and pets while the residents are away, and the stay could last anywhere from a couple weeks to a few months. If you become a house-sitter, you could have the opportunity to live for a while in any home from a cute rural cottage to an expansive classic villa, such as these homes for sale in South Lebanon, Ohio. Some professional house sitters travel internationally as well. If you don’t want to do this full-time, it’s still a great way to save a little bit of money on a vacation.


Every year, thousands of people backpack across the world. This is a great option for people in good health, especially if you have a bit of a break from work. The plane ticket abroad might be a bit pricey, but after that, backpacking can be a low-cost way to live for a while and to see more of the world. Europe, for instance, has an incredible train system, and you can buy a pass that will let you get on and off the trains as much as you please for several months. If you backpack, be prepared to sleep in hostels, bus stations, campsites, and even outside–but that’s all part of the fun!