Property Management Made Simple

Landlords are in continuous look out for fast, simple and effective ways to manage their property portfolio with the minimum hassle possible.

Being a landlord or a property manager is not easy for there usually remains an inexhaustible list of jobs that needs to be dealt with. Under such circumstances, it does not matter if you are managing a single property or a vast portfolio. The silver lining comes in the form of several landlord property care apps offered by property management groups. These apps help property owners in managing their property and keep everything running smoothly. They simply take the stress out of daily tasks. Now let us learn more about them.

Why do I need an app for this?

Getting the app downloaded paves the way for a simple and efficient management of your properties. Needless to say, the app is intelligently designed and easy to use. After all, it has been developed to cater to your specific requirements by experts in app development. All it takes is a swipe of your finger to enable the key features take digital control of all tasks.

Key features:

· Managing Tenants

· Monthly rental payments

· Utility management

· Rent review

· Property inspection reports

· Annual safety tests

· Lease management

· Print yearly / monthly taxable finances

Managing Tenants and rent

Rent owed can be managed by going to the sub section and clicking the icon. You can thereafter add new tenants straightway. You can store their personal information (phone number and address) along with their moving date and contract end. As far as the rent is concerned, you may simply select the property in your portfolio and specify the date and rental fee and Estate agents commission. This will inevitably save you a whole lot of time and multiply your productivity in the long run. Hence the app makes sure that you do not chase any overdue payments or tenant details.

Tax made simple

Trying to keep oneself on top of yearly tax returns is no piece of cake. Keeping this in view, the app assists you in your own book-keeping on the move. It basically keeps a record of all your income as well as expenses, when and where it is deemed necessary. By doing so, it aids your accountant in the due course of time. Finally, you can review monthly and yearly reports and log your taxes, thereby making your End of Year returns really accessible and print off to your advantage. Logging expenses is equally easy for all you need to do is input property expenses through individual property details and log important expenses such as Interest only mortgage, Capital Mortgage, Repairs, Insurance, Cleaning, agents involved and so on.

Additional Support

A dedicated support team remains at your service in case you are in need of any technical and non-technical help. This maintains that your portfolio details are in the right hands and also suggests that all information is essentially confidential. Only you and none of the other Property Managers will have access to this confidential information. It can be safely concluded that Property Management advancement cannot do without Landlord Property Care app!