The Why, How, and What of a Professional Mold Inspection

Mold is  a type of microorganism that can grow on walls, on furniture, on carpets, and on fabric – like curtains, or behind wallpaper. Mold can be extremely risky for individuals living in that space, because mold can release toxic spores in the air, which can cause a multitude of breathing problems and respiratory infections. Some mold have even been known to release cancerous spores into the air. Furthermore, mold can create structural damage to the house. Therefore, in order to prevent these problems and their implications, it is necessary for a homeowner to get his or her house inspected for mold.

Every homeowner should obtain a mold inspection, even if the house is brand-new. This is because a harmful growth of mold may be in a dark corner that cannot be seen by the untrained eye. Sometimes harmful spores go undetected, and can lead to health problems and property damage or decay, resulting in the homeowner paying significant costs to fix the home. Fungal growth is also harmful to humans and pets that are exposed to it. Molds can affect the air quality in a home, and can negatively affect the people living in that home, especially children, the elderly, and pregnant women. Inspectors will be able to find the mold in your home, and will be able to help you remove it, to ensure that your home continues to remain clean and safe.
Inspectors are certified, meaning that they have the training, knowledge, and experience required to detect microbial growth in the home. Furthermore, inspectors from mold prevention and removal companies will have sophisticated equipment with them. By utilizing such equipment, like a moisture meter or a thermal imaging machine, the inspector can create a detailed analysis of your home. Thus, the inspector will be able to look for mold that grows in corners and behind walls, mld that would normally go unnoticed. Once mold has been identified, the inspector will take a few spores and analyze them in the laboratory. The results will be delivered to the homeowner, which include details on the mold, and how toxic or dangerous it can be, along with instructions on how to safely remove the mold, and how to ensure that the mold does not return to your home.
One important tip that every homeowner should keep in mind is that moisture, or water logging, can result in mold growth. Therefore, it is important to remove moisture. This can be done by not allowing water to pool on basement floors or on shower stalls. Furthermore, you can invest in mold-resistant shower curtains, or on a dehumidifier. Also, ensure that the roof is sturdy, and will not leak during rainy seasons; thereby ensuring that your home remains dry and safe.

Formerly known as Mold Services but now known as The Mold Guy, the company was started by Ross Sullivan, an individual from a construction company who went on to become a home inspector. The company is located in Toronto, and all the inspectors, including Ross Sullivan, provide exceptional service, and treat all customers fairly, ensuring that no one receives a bad deal or an unfair bargain.