Better Writing – 4 Guidelines

good an enhanced writing makes a better impression. Written words deliver influential messages. As a matter of fact, readers can get an “impression” about the writer from the way a document is drafted. Whether the writer is sensitive or careful or meticulous, a reader gets an idea. These and so many other things can be distinguished from a written document. As a result, improved writing is a skill that delivers enormous bonuses to those who have it or make an effort to gain such skills.

The big question is the way we could write better! It basically rules down to practice and more practice. On the other hand, practice must be based on following a number of simple guiding principles. For better writing, the following 4 would be of great advantage to you:

  1. Keep It Short. This smears to the whole document and the influential factor is the length of sentences. On the average, short sentences should be made up of between 15 to 20 words. Vibrant and sharp thought makes for better writing through short and crispy sentences. Read through your original draft and edit words that do not add value, are neither here nor there or those that are just excess “baggage.” Disintegration of long sentences by listing out the points and using headings as appropriate should be done. Use full stops to permit the reader to engross your point and mentally gear up for the next.
  2. Use Plain And Common Words. Scan and solitary confinement difficult or uncommon and rare words. Substitute them with reader friendly words. They are a delight and respite even to those who are professionals. Complex and urbane words cloud meaning and convey an official tone as well as officialdom.
  3. Opt For Words That Are Needed. Time is a inadequate resource to all of us. Readers need to comprehend the main points rapidly and effortlessly. Review your writing. Cut out unnecessary and useless words. If this results in a sentence that does not seem legit, redraft the sentence.
  4. Choose The Active Voice. It is optimistic and direct. It permits you to take personal possession and results in better and more effective writing. When you use the active voice, you come across as someone who is accountable and honest.

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