Rigid PVC’s Many Applications

Rigid PVC is a washed-out form of poly vinyl chloride that has risen to fame for being one of the marketplace’s most hard-wearing plastics. For the reason that it is easy to process via machine, this plastic polymer is also tremendously reasonable. Complement in its adaptability to the mix and it is no wonder so many industries depend upon rigid PVC in their daily operations. The product’s multitude industrial applications are a true evidence to how well it lives up to these differences. Some of those industries include:

Thermoforming – Thermoformed (heated and shaped) PVC sheets provide greater advantages, comprising flame retardancy, weather confrontation, a wide array of thicknesses, exact gauge control, reliable colour, high traceability, high-impact strength, convenient processing, numerous grades and customizability for specific part needs.

Printing – Rigid PVC is utilised in making photo ID cards, sturdy business, loyalty and discount cards, and plastic cards (similar to credit cards). Rigid PVC’s aptitude to accept paint, also known as colourability, makes it agreeable to these applications. It also accomplishes well under most silk-screening methods.

Construction and Building – All around the world, half of all the poly vinyl chloride polymer manufactured is put to use by the construction industry. When one contemplates that the product is used for window and door frames, piping, vinyl siding, fascia, weatherboarding, gutters and fittings, just to name a few of its building material uses, it is not amusing that the product has such a strong presence in this particular industry.

Electrical wire insulation and coatings – The Electrical Construction & Maintenance (EC & M) magazine clarifies that rigid PVC-coated channel offers “performance benefits” in corrosive environments. The material furthermore bids good electrical properties in its own right.

Consumer products – Objects starting from toys and decorative displays to labels, containers and TV casings are made from rigid PVC, but the material is even more mutual in retail packaging of products like these that customers use every single day.

Industrial uses – Apart from the building, construction and electrical applications previously mentioned, rigid PVC is found in pipes, packing materials, electrical articles, aircraft interiors, tanks, signs, bolts, valves, laboratory equipment, pump parts etc.

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