Cyware: The Journey from Cyber Ignorance to Cyber Awareness

Attacks on individual profiles and organizations by cybercriminals show no sign of slowing down. Security teams are stretched to their maximum capacity to mitigate potential cyber threats to stay a step ahead of cybercriminals. Data breaches have a huge impact, not only on customers whose data is exposed and at risk; but also on the organizations, which are penalized financially and made to suffer severe consequences in terms of their status.

In most of the cases, it is often identified that due to lack of awareness, employee’s online activity becomes a major reason for data breaches. Hence, bridging a gap between employee awareness and enterprise security should be of top priority. In order to achieve this, it is essential to provide a greater visibility into Cyber Situational Awareness and regularly communicate about the emerging threats; and Cyware exactly does that. For specialized teams, it is impossible to scan the entire World Wide Web to find relevant and valuable articles that discuss the emerging threats and organization safety. Cyware – with its Machine Learning algorithm scans the internet and presents the latest cyber world happenings in real-time.

However, organizations should also understand that general awareness doesn’t equate to robust security. In order to be better prepared to limit damage from a cyberattack, organizations should be thoroughly briefed on security; and this is only possible through a robust Cyber Situational Awareness platform – Cyware. The Cyware Enterprise System (CES) works by integrating different elements such as perception, comprehension and projection into Cyber Situational Awareness in an organizational security mindset. Besides, this platform also utilizes the power of Human Intelligence and acts as a Force Multiplier to an existing industry grade security architecture; which makes the investment smart, intelligent and meaningful. And when the management teams receive regular security status reports, no one can stop a company in building the robust network infrastructure, which gives a tough challenge to cybercriminals to exploit the flaws and get into the organization network.

The Cyware mobile app is not just designed for organizations and cyber security professionals, it is for everyone. Compared to organizations, general internet users need cyber security updates in a simple form that help them understand the news and implement the safety measures without any hassle. The Cyware Consumer Platform is built with the same objective – to boost user’s Cyber Situational Awareness with real-time expertly curated cyber security updates. When the general internet users are armed with the right information about how Cyber Situational Awareness plays a leading role to get a more realistic view of the potential risks, it helps them secure confidential information. A successful journey from cyber ignorance to cyber awareness can be easily trodden by Cyware. This app is available on both Android and iOS platforms.