3 Handy Tips For Handymen

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Every handyman can always use more handy tips in his toolbox. Here are a few for those who are just beginning their careers or have been repairing and maintaining sewer and water systems for half their lives.

New Tools

A handyman is as handy as his toolbox. It pays to keep your toolbox updated with the latest tools and techniques. There are a variety of helpful tools out there such as the smoke pump tester to help locate leaks faster, as well as determine the smoke content.

Manufacturers are always coming up with new ideas and tools to better deal with the job, so it helps to stay in the know, possibly picking up a company newsletter or two, to receive the latest news about their latest gadget.

Volunteer Work

This may sound weird, but volunteering with your local chapter of Habitat for Humanity can help you build some basic carpentry skills and familiarize yourself with tools, especially for those handymen just starting out.

More than that, more often than not, Habitat projects will need to contract professionals for specialized jobs such as deep plumbing and electrical wiring. Being a volunteer can not only help you expand your trade but your client base, all the while doing something productive for the community – a triple win!

YouTube Tips

No one can do it all. And that’s okay – just make sure you learn and stay current. Especially these days with the do-it-yourself rage, there are a ton of how-to blogs and videos out there, just check out YouTube.

Rather than feel threatened by the competition, scope out what’s available and do your homework. People can try to fix their own leaky toilet or unclog the drain, but they will always need professional help with big projects.

Staying up-to-date on new products and trends is key to ensuring your repair business and reputation thrives. These are just some tips to help you become the handyman everybody calls in an emergency.