7 Practical Travel Gizmos for Your Next Car Excursion

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Every time we leave our house, we do not forget the essential and make sure that if we’re travelling at all, we should be carrying our mobile, charger and our car keys. But what we might lose out on is what kind of gadgets we need to use that are the most practical, and can be used extensively for the purpose of firstly of course, charging the device and secondly, protecting the device from getting damaged. The following is what is needed:

  • USB charger for cars: these are universally used chargers, and these are normally used to plug into the phones and charge. The purpose that these are used for are music, recordings and if the car has a small television, then it even plays videos. Apart from charging, there are multiple purposes of this charger. Now, there are ports to which you connect these chargers and this works faster when connected to the AC current port. This is usually when the port is near the radio (as is the case for most of the cars) and sometimes, these are even near other areas of the car like the steering wheel and so on.
  • Battery chargers for mobiles: on a usual basis, alkalines are used to charge mobiles and they give out good enough results. However, there are other forms such as GPS, PIM or even digital cameras that use other forms of batteries that are ‘rechargeable.’ For this purpose, there are other forms of cables as well.
  • Some are solar powered battery chargers: all is well when the sun is shining bright and not just piercing through the skin, but helping technology go ten steps ahead. That’s right, the need for solar chargers is also very important in today’s times. This makes it easier for the chargers to start working and it charges faster. Another vital part of the car that can promote this is the cigarette lighter holder in the car. This is important because this way these special adapters have a way of working.
  • Water heaters that are portable as well: many a times at home there are home made things that we do not even think of, while working on these. For instance, household kettles that are required to boil water also have other similar devices. One of them is something used massively in the automotive industry and even in travel shops. These are easier in form and functioning and can even heat up any tea, coffee and so on through your car’s charger.

There are other simplified devices that are made easier to use through your car’s technology such as UV water purifiers, a multi-tool collection, eye glasses and a kit to repair them and so on and so forth. With so much to do with one device, there is nothing stopping one from purchasing the needful. This is exactly what Europlugs initiate. They always aim for quality over quantity, and will make sure that there is enough to satisfy one person’s everyday needs.