How to Win at Rummy despite Having No Jokers?

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Most people assume that jokers are necessary to win a game of rummy. It is true that the rummy game get simplified and you win in fewer turns when you have several jokers at hand to replace the other cards in sets and sequences. There are three types of jokers in a usual rummy game:

  • Jokers in the deck
  • Blank cards which are accepted as jokers
  • Pulled-out jokers from the deck remaining after distribution

However, joker is really not a necessity and one can win rummy cards even without a joker. It all depends on how you use the cards at hand and plan the game wisely. Here we have listed out a simple step by step method to follow to increase your chances of winning the game even without the jokers.

  1. Keep Your Focus on Making Two Sequences

The two sequences in 13 card rummy game are together termed as life. This is because your full points are counted till you manage to make these two sequences. When you don’t have jokers in your hand, you have the burden of making two natural or pure sequences. Try to arrange cards so that there are multiple options of building sequences with the same card. For example, you can arrange A as a part of A, K, Q and J sequence as well as A, 2, 3 sequence.

  1. Try to Reduce Total Points in Your Hand

Your aim is that the total points in your hand should be as less as possible at the end of the game. That is why if you have face cards or high value cards that are not a part of any sequence, you must dispose and replace with low point cards. This will reduce the total points in your online rummy hand and this increases your chances of winning the game of rummy.

  1. Melds Should Be Last on the Priority List

When you are playing the rummy patti game, the melds tend to hold the least significance. That is why you should focus only on sequences till they are formed. Yours won’t be counted as a full hand even when you have not made a single meld. This means creating a meld or set holds least priority and should be done only once the sequences are ready. Many gamers also accept a hand with four sequences and making a meld is not always compulsory.

  1. Pass If Chances of Winning are Bleak

While your aim will always be to win Indian rummy game, the cards also have a role to play in deciding whether you win or lose. After the dealer distributes the cards and you have a look, you need to decide whether the hand promises victory or not. A good player understands easily when the hand is not good. If you have hints then do not continue to play the game.

Especially in deals rummy where the total of 2, 3 or 6 rounds decides whether you win or lose the game, passing is necessary if you wish to win. Learn how to pass on time to avoid greater losses in the game. Jokers simply make the cards games easy. They are more like bonus points.

Lastly, it is good to have a joker but you cannot always depend on them to complete your hand. You can always win a rummy tournament and game through observation and tact even without a joker.