Jump down- why there is a hype about this latest game



We all are fond of gaming on mobile. It changes our mood and makes us feel relaxed. All age group people are using a smartphone and in their leisure either they play the game or explore social media. If you are the mobile game lover or you are bored and looking for adventure, Jump Down game is for them. This interesting gaming app has been developed by Javari.

Jump down Game has gained lots of popularity nowadays due to its interesting features. The game is so interesting that it will engage you for a long time with thrilling excitement. As the name suggests, the game is related to exciting jumping activities. It is a user-friendly gaming application which is suitable for all age group people. If you are a lover of nature, you will be amazed by its graphics and effects. The best part about it is that it is easy to learn and anyone from anywhere can play this game without any hindrance. Once you download it from a Google play store, then no internet connection is required to play it. With this game, you can also connect with Twitter, Facebook etc. You will never feel bored after trying your hands on this game.


Where to download?

The game can be downloaded from the Google play store at free of cost. The basic requirement is to have an android phone. The gaming application is in the English version and needs little space of 53 MB on your smartphone.

How to play?

Jump Down game is accompanied with rich visual effects and sound. In this game, you need to control the animals from free fall. Simply by touching up and down button, you can control the objects. You have to win through unlimited challenges and you will be rewarded with coins. Any wrong step will lead to the game over.


Interesting features of Jump Down Gaming application-


You will receive daily rewards for playing this game. The rewards can be in the form of coins, life or extra timings to play the game. You will become a good gamer and can challenge your friends and relative to beat your score by referring to them.


This game is accompanied with fun sound effects which will soothe your ear. The sound effects will make you feel a real gamer. Your mind will be lost in the world of nature and animals. With every new step, you will feel the exciting music that will create goose bumps.


The gaming application has attractive graphics. You will actually feel yourself in the gaming world. You will get into the character and can clearly see the visual paths, nature, animals etc. It is the magic of visual effects which make this game more interesting.


It has the leaderboard where your score of previous gaming is stored. You can record the previous score and compare it with your current score. This will make you more aggressive to beat your previous score and your excitement level will be high throughout the game.

Different levels

The games have various levels of difficulties. You have to pass challenges on each level to reach the next level. One failing step will lead you to the previous level. It is a challenging game with different levels of difficulty.

Gaming challenges

From the initial level to the final level, the gamer has to face unlimited challenges. Each challenge will improve your creativity and analytical skill. With the increasing level, challenges will become tougher.

User experience

I will share my experience rather than sharing any other person’s experience. To check why there is so much hype about Jump Down game. I download it on my phone and I am truly in love with this game. It is an adventurous and thrilling game which makes me feel very excited to play it again and again. I have become obsessed with it and crossed various levels. It is a good time pass.

Why you should play this game?

  • Excitement and fun
  • Relaxing
  • Adventurous
  • Easy to play
  • Improves your analytical skill.
  • No complication in downloading.
  • No internet connection required to play the game.


Jump Down is a free game for android users. If you try this game, I am sure you will be addicted to it. No other game in the market is as attractive as this one. The game is a great combination of graphics, sounds, features and user-friendly genres. The Google has given it a five-star rating. Overall the game is perfect for anyone. It has a great class of features and unlimited challenges. This game has a huge fan following. There is no need to search for any other game and pay for it when you have the choice to download a free game which is full of fun and excitement.

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