Must have motorcycle riding gear for a road trip

With great power comes great responsibility! And with a powerful motorcycle comes the responsibility of safety.

Let’s face it, the adrenaline rush felt when riding a bike on a highway is like no other. The wind blowing in your face, the lush green trees passing by the roadside, breathtaking view of the horizon, all in all an exuberant experience for the passionate rider within us. That being said, the whole experience can turn bitter if you happen to encounter an accident on the road. Thus, ensuring motorcycle safety is of utmost importance and should not be compromised in any case. In this regard, motorcycle gear is a crucial aspect towards overall bike riding safety. Let us take a look at must-haves for your next motorcycle road trip to stay safe and secure on the road.

  • Motorcycle boots

It goes without saying that wearing proper footwear while riding a bike is essential. Flip flops and sandals are an absolute no. It is a good idea to buy a pair of sturdy motorcycle boots especially if you are on a long road trip. These boots protect your feet and toes from the cold as well as during an accident.

  • Biker pants

Many bikers prefer to wear a good old fashioned pair of denims while on a road trip. Although jeans are significantly tough and thick, it is preferable to go with proper biker pants especially if you would be riding in cold weather.

  • Elbow and knee guard

This piece of equipment can be very useful to protect your knees and elbows in the unfortunate event of your bike slipping on the road. It is a must for bikers riding sports bikes.

  • Motorcycle jacket

Besides being very stylish, a motorcycle jacket is useful for overall protection and safety of the rider. Go for a kevlar-based one if wearing a leather jacket is not your cup of tea.

  • Biker gloves

Besides giving you an authentic biker look, the gloves protect your hand and knuckles from the cold as well as during an accident.

  • Helmet

The helmet is undoubtedly the most important safety equipment for your bike road trip. Make sure you go with a full-face helmet and not fall into the trap of buying a half-face one just because it looks cool. Also, do ensure that your helmet is ISI certified.

With this motorcycle gear, your bike road trip will be safe. To make it truly secure you must avail a robust two-wheeler insurance policy. Bike insurance will make sure that any glitches don’t ruin your adventure. So, with the aforementioned gear and motorcycle insurance in place, let the adventure begin!