Top Places to Eat When in Kolkata

With some delicious food on the go, how can traveling not be extra fun? If you are planning on visiting Kolkata, then here are a bunch of places to eat, that you might not want to miss out on while here traveling. So, book cheap flight tickets from Delhi to Kolkataat portals like Yatra and experience the delicious Bengali food at the best places. Stopping by and grabbing some good food from these places might just make your day.


Kolkata is a perfect blend of mouthwatering street food as well as restaurants selling authentic Bengali food! Here are a few of these!
Kathi Rolls

The first suggestion revolves around a dish rather than an actual spot. The ever-popular delicacies, Kathi Rolls, originated in Kolkata are a must-try when here! Coming into existence by Nizams of Kolkata back in the day, these rolls till this day stay one of the major street delicacies of the city. Although there have been a ton of different recipes popping up of this dish with time, there are certain stalls and places still selling the preserved recipe of authentic Kathi Rolls. Some of these places that you might want to check out include ‘Hot KathiRoll’, ‘Kusum’ and ‘Zaika’ of Park Street, ‘Nizam’s’ of New Market, and a place called Campari. So, stop by any oftheseplaces and do taste some delicious Kathi Rolls!


Now if you are really craving home-cooked food while on your journey and wish to feed your tummy with some authentic Bengali food, then Kewpies is the place for you! Here, you get the traditional Bengali food offered in the traditional utensils, perfect to satisfy your hunger with tasty food. From the thali with all authentic delicacies to specific items you have been wishing to try, you are bound to get everything in the best from here! Although, getting a thali would be best suggested to taste everything at once before you leave the place! So, head over to Kewpies and treat yourself with all of Kolkata’s best under one roof!


When trying out authentic food of a place while exploring it, it is best to stop by small restaurants and stalls to satisfy your hunger while getting your hands on the yummiest of dishes! Kasturi is one such place to find authentic Bengali dishes. Here, you are given no menu but get served the same set of traditional dishes that everyone does. You are sure to taste some amazingly mouthwatering dishes here that are bound to stay with you long after leaving the city!


Bohemian of Kolkata is a restaurant you need to visit to experience a fresh and modern take on the traditional Bengali food. Here, the chefs work on various traditional delicacies of Bengal, blend them with a bunch of modern flavors and come up with mouthwatering new dishes of their own! Particularly talked about for their starters, this brilliant new take on authentic food is what you are bound to fall in love with! So, do drop in at Bohemian and experience experimenting at its best and tastiest!

Last but certainly not the least, how do we forget the major attraction of the Bengali food, the Bengali sweets? These heavenly sweets of Kolkata can be found in every nook and corner of the city and are an absolute must-try! So, do not forget to stop by some sweet shop and taste the toothsome sweet of this place and I bet you wouldn’t stop with one! If any ofthese dishes are calling out to you, then plan your trip to Kolkata now and enjoy these delicacies while exploring the city! Head over to portals like Cleartrip that provide a comfortable experience from planning the trip to taking it, all online. Look up for cheap flight tickets from Delhi to Kolkata and book your trip now!